This interview was LIVE on 107.3 FM KJAS in Jasper, Texas on Thursday, February 20th, 2020. The interview involved Jasper County Tax Assessor-Collector Bobby Biscamp, and former tax office employee Cindy Stephenson. Biscamp was running for re-election, and Stephenson was running for election as Tax Assessor-Collector. Due to a computer error at KJAS, the first 15:52 of the 52:58 interview did not record. However, thankfully, an associate of KJAS recorded the interview with a recorder sitting next to a radio speaker. The first 15:52 of the interview is the audio from the recorder next to a radio speaker, and the remaining time is much clearer, sharper audio recorded here inside KJAS.

Broadcast journalist & on-air personality - Rayburn Broadcasting Company - KJAS 107.3 FM in Jasper, TX and KFAH 99.1 FM in Pineland, TX