I would just like to say that I am embarrassed and ashamed of the behavior of certain members of our City Council that has taken place lately. We are not better than anyone else in this city, but the positions we hold in the city are supposed to be held in high regard - or used to be. We have to regain the public trust and the respect that our positions, as city officials, deserve. I am pleased with how the decision on the broadband project with Kramer Services Group ended on Monday night. This item was handled wrong from the beginning. Our City Manager should have been at the forefront of this broadband project, not council members. If my fellow council members were transparent and open with the public and all of the City Council members, and not just a chosen few, on what they wanted to do, they may or may not have gotten the support they needed on this issue, everyone would have known of what they were wanting to do at least We work for the people of the city of Jasper, Texas, not for our own self-interest.

I feel like my colleagues have not and do not read the City Charter. Specifically, Article I. Form of Government, Article III. The City Council Article IV. Administrative Services, Article VI. Recall of Officers, and Article VII Legislation by the People: Initiative and Referendum.

That $15.8 million dollar broadband project was a very ill-conceived Idea, and smells of what Article 6 Recall of Officers, Sec 6.01 Scope of recall speaks of when it says incompetency, misconduct, and malfeasance. Please fellow council members, let’s get back to doing the business of the City of Jasper, what the citizens of Jasper elected us to do, and not play around with ideas and projects we have no business doing. Let concentrate on projects like providing sewer service to north of the city to businesses that are coming and the ones that are already there.

We should be focusing on strengthening our neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for all our residents. The City of Jasper should be working to ensure that new development and pivotal policy reforms are not mutually exclusive from our revitalization efforts.

Thank you.