This is my response about rumors that Proposition A being the cause of the high electric bills.

I have been receiving calls and responding to inquires about the rumor being spread about the recent increase in the electric rates in the City of Jasper. Specifically, the misinformation and untruth about Proposition A being the cause of the rise in last months electric bills, I would like to see the documentation to support that accusation. It's easy to place blame when you do not have your facts straight and people will believe whatever misinformation is being spread. Please do not believe the first person that comes along with a easy answer, the facts speak for themselves. I refer you to the City of Jasper, Texas Calculation of Billing Rates and the Billing and Usage Summary Report provided to me by the City Manager. You have the right to submit an open records request to get that information. Get it for yourself and don't just believe what someone is telling you because it sounds believable. The City of Jasper's current cost is 0.1114, meaning the city is paying $0.11 cents Kw Hour and the residential rate the citizens of Jasper are paying is $0.13 cents per Kw Hour. The rate for JNEC is $0.14 cents per Kw Hour. Therefore, your high electric bills are not due to the passing of Proposition A. but, according to our billing and usage report our residential usage has increased more in 2022 than in 2021. During the last billing cycle the city did experience some cold periods so some residents electric bills are higher than others and water leaks from pipes that burst, also caused a spike in your water bill. People let's not forget one of the main components of Proposition A was to have the money received from SRMPA figured in to the cost of what you are paying so it would help lower your cost. Instead of some of my colleagues on the council trying to place blame, let's work together to find a way to get that money back to our residential utility customers. We have senior citizens, people on fixed incomes, veterans and people suffering economic hardships.. let's fight for them. Let's make sure they are taken care of, then we can work together on doing things that we all want to do to help our city grow and operate efficiently. Don't try to spend the SRMPA money on things that are not going to be beneficial to everybody.

Anderson M. Land Jr.

City of Jasper District 1 City Councilman