Editorial: From City of Jasper District 1 City Councilman Anderson Land Jr.

Good day to the citizens of Jasper. It is Monday May 30, 2022 so, Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and enjoyable Memorial Holiday weekend. Well, I cannot believe I received a text from a concerned citizen last week about me. Something I would have never seen because I am not a fan of posting on Facebook nor do I read, follow people, and I don’t post on Facebook, although I do at times find that some of my, opinions and editorial end up on Facebook because others post it there. I do not have any control over that. Imagine my surprise to find myself being accused of, and I quote “Looks like Anderson Land has joined the David Schultz good old boys club,” because of the way I voted on a specific issue on an agenda item during a special call meeting of the Jasper City Council on Thursday May 19, 2022 at 5:30pm. Also, the accusation of “I think there was money under the table for that one.” Citizens of the City of Jasper I welcome an investigation into my financial situation I’m sorry to say you will be quite surprised a lot of you are in better shape financially than I am. I keep a tight budget and pay my bills, and just like a lot of you, I too live from paycheck to paycheck. So, if this person or any law enforcement agency wants to investigate my finances go right ahead, I’m sure they will see that I am not financially wealthy, but I tell you this I do know how to balance a budget and spend responsibly and make responsible business decisions for myself and I do the same for the city.

The decisions I make on council are what you the citizens voted for me to do, make those difficult decisions, I can only hope they are the right ones. I listen to the majority and the minority on any issue and base my decisions on what you the majority of the citizens of Jasper want. I listen to all that have an investment in the city, no matter if you are a business person, retiree, regular working person like me, or the unemployed, everyone has a voice through their councilmember and deserve to be represented by that councilmember to the best of their ability. I will do what is right and beneficial for you and the economic development of the city of Jasper. So yes, I am offended by anyone who questions my honesty, morals, ethics, and integrity. I don’t care if it is the media, councilmembers (current or former) or anyone else. I have always called on my colleagues and the City Management to do the right thing for the city and will continue to do so. I have often criticized their decisions, but that’s is their decision make. So, I call on the citizens of Jasper myself included, business owners, voters and non-voters, also those of you who have business interest in the city that cannot vote in the city elections because you live outside city limits, but choose to do business in this city, let’s all work together to make things better for everybody, not just a few, and lets all work to be better stewards of the city. I know I will do my part and I am calling all of you, residents, non-resident business owners, and those of you in Jasper County to do your part to make Jasper proper a better place to live, work, and play. Let’s all just get along and do our part to help Jasper to grow, we are still the Jewel of The Forrest, so let’s shine like it.

I hear your concerns about a lot of things that you the citizens feel are not right with the way thing are done in the city and the way the city is run. I will promise you this, citizen of the City of Jasper Texas that as a member of the City of Jasper City Council I will do everything I can to get the answer to those concerns. Thank you for your continued support.

Anderson M. Land Jr. City of Jasper District 1 City Councilman