I thought it was against the law to practice law without a license

I'm sure everyone saw the same thing I saw at the City Council meeting on Monday night March 3, 2023, a City Council Member practicing law, and telling the City Attorney how his ruling/opinion was supposed to be after the City Attorney gave his ruling on how agenda item #7 should proceed. Maybe the council member did not understand the verbiage. Furthermore, I thought the Mayor was definitely out of line by not respecting the decision of the City Attorney and undermining his opinion by instructing the City Manager to ask Germer and Gerts who have been legal counsel for Jasper for years and who the city does use sometimes when the City Attorney has a specific legal issue that he says he can't handle or we can't get an answer from the City Attorney Mr. Ratcliff. I did not see Mr. Ratcliff having an issue at all explaining his opinion on Monday night March 13, 2023, on how to proceed with item 7 on the agenda. Since he is the City Attorney for the City Of Jasper, we as City Council should respect his opinion not challenge it. I also think Mr. Ratcliff was right in stating that there should not be any contract negotiations without him being present. Thank you Mr. Ratcliff for standing up for what is legal and right and shame on the council member for making the slanderous statement that you were being bought. Be careful about the accusations you make about someone, it may come back and bite in your pocket. Just like you pushing so hard to get this contract for your former campaign manager during your failed bid in your run for mayor against former Mayor Gatlin.

This is just one council member's opinion. I'm Just Saying.