The following editorial was written by Jasper resident Annabelle Cady:

I have lived in various places throughtout the world, and visited many others. Also, have had association with the military. I have never seen the amount of city government malfeasance/corruption as I have seen here in Jasper.

I am appalled and embarrassed by what has occured over the last few years by what appears to be money laundering and payoffs. Unlimited money has been, and is being spent on totally unnecessary items while things we as citizens really need are forgotten-fixing streets, assistance with the utility bills, sewer system, and public works to name a few.

And, let's not forget how a female senior citizen was cursed at and assaulted! Has anything been done about that???Unfortunately, no. This so demonstates very poor behaviour by multiple individuals! So very sad! How about the secret meetings? How anout $25,000 a month to a consultant for something else we do not need???What is going on with our city council, etc?? It is so sad that individuals are using

City Funds To Line their Pockets (GREED) while the average citizen struggles daily just to survive in today's economy!

I am afraid we as citizens can not even fathom the CORRUPTION which has been going on for years, and thus, we ourselves can not do what needs to be done to save our town.

For starters, I feel Randy Sayers, Michael Daniel, and David Schultz need to immediately step down, and Mr. Anderson Land appointed as Mayor. He apparently is honest and knows what needs to be done. He is greatly appreciated! If the other city government officials (lawyers, judges, etc)cannot do their jobs honestly in an open manner, they also should resign.

I feel the State Attorney General, Texas Rangers, and FBI need to Come, Investigate, Audit Multiple Years of Financial Books....and Arrest Multiple City Employees!!!