Well I feel that very I guess you could say entertaining about what happened with the event at the council three council members meeting at the M chamber I was thinking perhaps somebody might the really upset about something else and taking that out on the person or people involved it sounds more like tensions are just really running high and perhaps it would be better in the future not to have a meeting for not all council members are invited or you could just have like a friendly talk somewhere at a restaurant or something but not to use of facilities designed for the city themselves and not invite all the council members cuz it might seem a bit well shall we say prejudicial? Or perhaps you could just have a friendly barbecue or maybe just a friendly you know whatever but this town is just entirely too small to be meeting in a facility like that and then leaving certain council members out I mean is it's just not very you know it's not very politically correct and as we see people are not happy when they're discovered. On the other side though it does make for a very interesting reading and it certainly is interesting in the sense of how human nature works of as far as being the right thing to do I find it rather questionable.

Thank you for letting me share