Elected officials who are supposed to attend meetings to take care of business for the city of Jasper that doesn't show up for meetings need to resign if they don't want to attend any meetings and do the job they were elected to do.

SRO officers are needed to protect our schools in this day and time of violence across America. Chief Hall and his department work hard to protect the citizens of the city of Jasper and should be proud of the service they provide to the city of Jasper.

The Jasper police department has some very good and well trained officers would do a wonderful job every day to help the public sector. These officers deserve our appreciation and support for the service they provide to us.

School safety is a high priority for Chief Hall and sheriff Newman in protecting our children in schools and the general public. So I say thanks to all our law enforcement officers our fire fighters our first responders and our EMT technicians for they service they provide to Jasper County and a special thanks to Jamie Gunter and Captain Jack Armstrong for the years of hard work you have done for us.

Felix Bunch

Jasper, Texas