The following editorial was written by Jasper resident Johnathan Hadnot:

Just a question or food for thought for the citizens of Jasper. Does anyone else in the community wonder why after the feedback of several different agencies and persons, failed votes and no progress thus far, the City of Jasper continues to pay 25,000 per month for a consulting fee with nothing to be shown and a project that is and has been considered stalled from day one? Well the answer to this question is Mayor Randy Sayers! Randy Sayers has been the only driving force for this project, the only one that wanted to continue the payments till December of this year for a project that no progress has been made. Due the quick math May-December at 25,000.00 per month is an additional 200,000 this year the City of Jasper will basically throw away or better said into the wide open easily paid off or bribed pockets of Randy Sayers. We the citizens of Jasper deserve better and a full financial audit of Randy Sayers personally by and outside firm. Now that would be 25,000.00 per month well spent to show all the hidden payments and fraud he has committed. Remember people Sayers cooks books for a Living and you think he cant do it for himself and for payouts!!