The following opinion was written by Mark Charles, of Houston:

Regarding the recent mass shooting at a Jasper area teen party...

The Jasper County Sheriff is either extremely naive, or flat out ignernt.

He uses words like "ongoing feud" and "squabble" to describe actions more akin to big city gang violence.

The community is lucky there were only a few superficial injuries resulting from these four knuckleheads' actions, and not a few dead party goers.

What is even more ridiculous, after finally seeing pictures of the perpetrators on, is that in the press conference earlier in the week the sheriff referred to these guys as "children"!

I predict the crime wave gripping the big cities in Texas is about to hit small town Texas, especially the small towns situated within a couple hours of the big cities (like Jasper).

When you start seeing the face tattoos around your town, it will probably be too late to fix.

You people out there better wake up!

Mark Charles