The Jasper and East End Fire Departments tried water and foam to no avail. In the end it was a good old fashion fire extinguisher that smothered the flames after a man accidentally set an SUV on fire east of Jasper on Monday afternoon.

It happened shortly before 2:00 on County Road 293. Firefighters found flames coming from underneath the early model Lincoln Navigator, and a nearby travel trailer was in danger of catching on fire.

Patrick Bryant said that he was going to sell the vehicle as salvage, but the law requires the fuel tank to be empty. Bryant said he opened the fuel line under the SUV and was letting it flow into buckets, but he forgot that he was smoking a cigarette and he accidentally set the gasoline on fire.

Firemen had trouble tapping out the flames because they were being fed by a constant stream of gas underneath the SUV and also because they had no way of stopping the fuel flow. Neither water nor foam worked, so they tried a fire extinguisher and it immediately choked out the blaze.


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