The 18th Annual KJAS Independence Day Celebration filled Sandy Creek Park with the sound of great music from local entertainers Jennifer Cuellar and the Furlow Family, along with the City Nights Band of Sugarland.

There was also the smell of great food from many different vendors.

The staff of KJAS shot many photos of those who enjoyed the music and food, along with several other activities.

One of those activities was the very popular hula-hoop contest for the children. Here's your 2019 hula-hoop winners:

4-5 year old

1st place - Arya Gentry, of Jasper

2nd place - Gwendolyn Daniel, of Jasper

6-7 year old

1st place - Annabelle Perego, of Jasper

2nd place - George Foster, of Buna

8-9 year old

1st place - Kaylee Barnett, of California

2nd place - Maddie Ascosta, of Brookeland

10-12 year old

1st place - Cheyenne Farquhar, of Jasper

2nd place - Chloe Cooper, of Jasper