The Jasper Independent School District Board met on Monday evening and approved a $112,000.00 program known as "Capturing Kids Hearts". Director of Operations Jon Seybold addressed the board members and he said that the program will help to increase attendance, decrease the drop-out rate, and also improve teacher retention.

An official with the program explained to board members that, among other things, the program instructs the teachers to designate a student in their class who will greet people and visiting students who enter the classroom.

When questioned as to why the program costs $112,000.00, Seybold said that most of that is for training the teachers, and another $8,000.00 for training can be expected in the following year or two.

Board Member Vickie Stewart spoke up and she said that she would like to know the progress of other previous programs that the board has implemented before approving another one. However, she never made a motion to table.

When put to a vote, it passed in a 6-0 vote with Van Cammack, Betty Powers, Mark Durand, Steven Martinez, Stephanie Martindale, and Vickie Stewart voting in favor. Board Member LeQuin Hilderbrand was not present.

The board also approved approximately $79,700.00 for new playground equipment for Parnell Elementary School. Seybold explained that the existing equipment needed to be replaced.

The board shot down a proposal for a re-painting project, with bids received in the amounts of $59,000.00 from Furlow Painting, and $140,000.00 from Williamson Painting. Van Cammack made a motion to accept the bid from Furlow Painting, but it died with lack of a second.

The board then voted to table a proposal from Seybold to build a $67,258.00 fence from the high school field house to the high school.

As the board was considering spending money on the other projects, recently elected board member Betty Powers pointed out that the roof over Parnell Elementary School is still experiencing serious leaks, and she urged other board members to make the roof problem a top priority.

The school board also selected Monica Guillory as Principal of Few Primary School. The only information known about Guillory is that she is from the Lockhart area. Guillory replaces longtime Few Principal Ron Vickers.

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