US Congressman Brian Babin of Woodville said Friday that he had tested positive for the virus.

Congressman Brian Babin has told KFDM that he’s recovering from COVID at home and following a regimen to recover

KFDM/Fox4 spoke with U.S. Rep. Brian Babin from his home in Tyler County Saturday about his COVID case and recovery.

“I’m following a therapeutic regimen to recover, including ivermectin and a Z-Pack,” said Congressman Babin. “I’m going to have infusion therapy with Regeneron. I’d describe the symptoms as between a bad cold and the flu.”

Congressman Babin says is fully vaccinated and talked about safety precautions others should consider.

“I’m against vaccine mandates,” said Babin, “but I strongly encourage people to get vaccinated if they are older or have underlying conditions.”

Babin says he’s fully monitoring events in his district and remains engaged, and he thinks the public for its support.