Normally there’s not much interest in Texas Constitutional Amendment Elections. However, Jasper County Clerk Debbie Newman said that was not the case this time around.

According to Newman, a total of 3,145 people turned out for the election and the main point of interest was Proposition #4, which prohibits the Texas Legislature from adopting or initiating a State Income Tax.

When the votes were in, residents of Jasper County very closely followed the trend across the state, with 84 % voting for the proposition opposing a State Income Tax while roughly 11.3% voting against the measure. A total of 2,771 voted for the measure and 353 voted against.

Across the state, 1,466,994 or 74% or voted for the proposition and 504,848, or 25% voted against the measure.

Other results here in Jasper County are as follows:

Proposition #1

2,174 for

897 against

Proposition #2

1,745 for

1,282 against

Proposition #3

2,568 for

479 against

Proposition #5

2,571 for

485 against

Proposition #6

1,877 for

1,155 against

Proposition #7

2,079 for

957 against

Proposition #8

2,279 for

770 against

Proposition #9

1,670 for

1,293 against

Proposition #10

2,814 for

246 against