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Power from the Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency comes into Jasper by way of the Jason Sub-Station on Milam Street.

Jasper City Manager Denise Kelley said Tuesday evening that city would soon shut off power in a so called "Rolling Blackout" to reduce power consumption.

Kelley said the decision to do so was made after the city received a call from it's power provider the Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency shortly before 8:00 pm.

The "Rolling Blackouts" or brief interruptions in power are one of the ways that large generating companies use to keep people warm in the winter and at the same time reduced electrical loads that increase with the use of electric heat in cold weather.

Kelley said she had no idea how long the outages would last. However, she did say that power to Jasper Memorial Hospital would remain on.

Following the announcement by Kelley, power to several areas of Jasper was cut off for about 30 minutes. However, it is unknown if the situation will mandate further power shut downs.