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A late Monday night fire destroyed a small travel trailer in the north end of Jasper, and Jasper firefighters had a difficult time reaching it.

Shortly after 11:00, 911 dispatchers received a report of smoke in the area of North Bowie Street near Dennis Drive. Firefighters and police officers searched the area and finally discovered the fire was located in a wooded area behind houses. They couldn’t reach it due to locked fences and other obstacles, so they had to make their way to it through a thick wooded area on the east side of North Bowie Street.

They discovered that the travel trailer has already burned to the ground, so they doused what little fire was left to keep it from spreading.

Neighbors said an unknown man had been seen staying in the travel trailer off and on, but he was not there when it caught on fire. Meanwhile, what caused the blaze is unknown and Jasper Fire Marshal Brandon Duckworth is investigating.


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