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Rashad Lewis

Former Jasper City Councilman Rashad Lewis, who had a failed bid for Jasper Mayor this year, has now aimed his political aspirations much higher. Lewis has announced that he is going to run for the U.S. Congress 36th Congressional District seat in the 2020 Election.

That seat is currently held by Brian Babin, meaning Lewis will be challenging Babin if he chooses to seek re-election.

Babin is a Republican. However, Lewis did not specify what political party ticket he will be running on.

In a written statement, Lewis said “Our district has the potential to be an economic and cultural powerhouse. But, so far, our political leadership has put the interests of Washington and Austin ahead of the interests of East Texas. I want to change that”.

The statement goes on to say “For a long time now, politicians have asked East Texans to sacrifice their economic security, their access to healthcare, and their children’s education for the sake of furthering deadlocked, inefficient power politics”.

Lewis’s statement concluded by saying “My campaign will focus on the issue and challenges facing East Texas and East Texans. About what we - - the political leadership - - can do to help East Texans instead of what East Texans can do to help us”.

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