The Jasper City Council on Monday evening decided to wait until numbers come in from the 2020 census before revisiting the possibility of annexing surrounding areas. A proposal of annexation had been brought up periodically over the last few years, but council voted each time to not pursue the matter.

According to City Manager Denise Kelly, the areas that the city was looking at possibly annexing are the Ryall Acres neighborhood between Highway 63 West and 190 West, along with Highway 190 East out to the Louisiana Pacific Plywood Mill, and also areas along Highway 96 North and South.

Kelly explained to council members that it would be prudent to simply wait until the census numbers for those areas come in rather than spending money on a study. Council agreed and voted to not pursue the matter at this time.

In other action, council voted to accept a $123,000.00 bid from Gulf Coast - Texas Materials Group to conduct a resurfacing of Main, Lamar, and Austin Streets around the Courthouse Square. The issue was recently brought up by Mayor Gary Gatlin after he observed that those streets had large cracks and holes. Gatlin, who is also an attorney and a former State District Judge, emphasized that the current condition of those streets puts the City of Jasper at risk for civil litigation should a person suffer an injury.

According to the bid, the company, which has offices here in Jasper along with Beaumont and Houston, will grind down the current surface, and then apply a layer of asphalt, followed by repainting the current stripes. The bid said the project would only take about three days, and it would take place during the nighttime hours over the course of a weekend.

In other action, council voted in favor of using about $100,000.00 out of Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency Cambridge Funds to purchase a new truck, which hauls waste to a receiving facility. According to the city manager, the current truck in use has over a million miles on the odometer, but is still running, so they plan to use it in case a backup truck is needed.


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