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Josh Benefield

The Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Department announced Friday that two jailers have been fired from their jobs and one has been arrested following an investigation into complaints of misconduct.

According to Sheriff Mark Herford, the investigation began on Monday, April 5th and concluded that one inmate had been sprayed with a chemical agent and a second inmate had been tased on two occasions, both without cause. Additionally, the sheriff said the jailers had violated department policies and procedures.

According to Herford, both were terminated and one of them, Josh Benefield, was arrested on Thursday and charged with three counts of Simple Battery. He is currently free from jail on bond. Herford said the other deputy did not violate the law.

Herford issued a statement saying, “I am extremely disappointed in the actions of these two individuals. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than that. The public puts a lot of trust in us and it’s our responsibility to act as professionals. We enforce the law equally and fairly to everyone, including the deputies of this department, with no exceptions.”

Meanwhile, the sheriff says the rest of the staff will attend a refresher course on use of force along with the department’s policy and procedure.

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