Updated numbers on Monday showed an increase in Coronavirus cases across Jasper, Newton, and Tyler Counties, and on Tuesday County Judge Mark Allen released a breakdown of those numbers which shows that Jasper continues to lead the county with now more than two-dozen active cases.

Early on during the pandemic, the Buna area initially had the largest numbers in the county, but in recent weeks the greatest concentration of cases has swung to the north end of the county.

As of Tuesday, Judge Allen said Jasper and the surrounding area with the Jasper zip code had 25 patients, while Brookeland and Kirbyville each had 2, Buna had 9, and Evadale had 1.

Jasper County has current total of 39 active cases, and overall a total of 93 positive cases have been recorded in Jasper County. Jasper County has recorded 55 recoveries, and 3 deaths; a Jasper man and 2 Buna women.

Elsewhere, both Newton and Tyler Counties are reporting slight increases in active cases. Newton County went from 9 on Friday to 11 on Monday, and Tyler County went from 11 on Friday to 15 on Monday.

Sabine County saw an improvement, dropping from 7 on Friday to 4 on Monday.

However, a very reliable source in Sabine County tells KJAS News that the number of active cases there is expected to rise this week after a number of positive test results came back on Monday, but had not yet been recorded in the official record.

Many people have asked about how many test results in the area have come back negative. We’ll break down the most up-to-date numbers for you which were released on Monday by the Jasper-Newton County Public Health District:


Negative – 670 Pending – 110 Tested - 865

Active – 28 Recovered – 54 Deceased – 3 Total Positive – 85


Negative – 159 Pending – 20 Tested - 195

Active – 7 Recovered – 9 Deceased – 0 Total Positive – 16


Negative – 278 Pending – 38 Tested - 339

Active – 2 Recovered – 21 Deceased – 0 Total Positive – 23


Negative – 492 Pending – 103 Tested - 628

Active – 11 Recovered – 22 Deceased – 0 Total Positive – 33

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