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Jasper Police Chief Robert MacDonald and his wife, Frances.

The Jasper City Council on Monday evening voted to hire Robert MacDonald as the new chief over the Jasper Police Department. MacDonald comes into the job with 34 years of law enforcement experience, 24 of which were spent in administrative positions.

MacDonald began his career in Corpus Christi, and was most recently the chief of police in Uvalde.

Robert, 56, and his wife, Frances, say that they are looking forward to purchasing a home in Jasper.

MacDonald told KJAS News that he has no plans to make any personnel changes within the department, although he said that he is looking forward to implementing some new programs - one of which he hopes to have in place by Halloween.

MacDonald said that wants to do a last minute check on all registered sex offenders in Jasper before children go door-to-door on Halloween night. MacDonald said he wants his officers to round up any sex offenders with arrest warrants, or those who are not in compliance with sex offender regulations.