Jasper Independent School District Superintendent John Seybold said Thursday that nearly half of the students who began the year learning from home are now back in the classroom. Due to concerns about Coronavirus, during the summer the district gave parents the option of having their students either in class, or learning from home via computer.

At the beginning of the school year Seybold said that approximately 30% of the district’s 2,214 students had opted for homebound education. However, as of Thursday Seybold said that number had dropped to only 18%, which is 388 students that are still learning from home.

As for the change, Seybold said he believed two factors resulted in students coming back to the classrooms; the logistics of learning over a computer, and being away from friends. “It’s a lot tougher than they thought it would be. You just can’t beat a live, breathing teacher”, said Seybold.

Seybold went on to say “The kids just missed being around their friends and their teachers.”

According to Seybold there are currently no students or staff members with active cases of Coronavirus, although he noted that two students are currently in quarantine as a precaution after they came into contact with someone with the illness that is not associated with the school.

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