Law enforcement officers in the Jasper area were very busy with two separate manhunts taking place at the same time on Thursday afternoon.

Officers from the Jasper County Sheriff's Department along with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife spent most of the afternoon searching for a man who was on the run in a wooded off of Highway 63 West, just east of the Angelina River.

He was identified by Jasper County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Ryan Cunningham as 41-year-old Jeremy Busby, of Kirbyville.

Game Warden Justin Eddins, who was off from work and sick, said that he was returning from a doctor appointment during the noon hour when he noticed Busby on a red Polaris all-terrain vehicle. Eddins said that he had observed the man walking in the area in previous days and had just spoken to him and identified him the day before.

Knowing that Busby didn't own an ATV, Eddins said he stopped and motioned for the man to come to him, but instead Busby made an obscene gesture and took off into a wooded area on the ATV. Eddins said he quickly found the wrecked ATV a few hundred yards down a trail, but there was no sign of the man.

Three deputies and a bloodhound tracking dog from the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Department in Leesville came to Jasper County to assist. They were able to pick up a scent trail and the dog followed it for several hours, but it ended on Highway 63 near the river. Officers say they believe someone picked up the suspect there.

It turned out that the ATV had been stolen from a farmhouse owned by local electrician Billy Minton, and in the back of the ATV officers found a large amount of copper wiring that the suspect stole from the farmhouse. 

Officers called off the search at about 4:00 that afternoon and they said that arrest warrants for Busby will be obtained.

Busby is described as a white male who, at the time, was wearing a black hoodie and ripped-up dirty blue jeans.

Meanwhile, Jasper Police were also busy searching for a man who reportedly ran from officers on the south side of Jasper shortly after noon.

Officers say the man ran from officer Gary Pullen.

The search was being conducted in or around the area of South Peachtree and Springhill Streets. The suspect was identified as Joey Beebe of Jasper. Beebe was only described as a white male who was said to be wearing a black hat and blue shorts.

Officers say he is wanted for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

Officers have said the two incidents are not connected.