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New pavement and paint on three sides of the Jasper County Courthouse Square.

Three streets around the Jasper County Courthouse Square are sporting new pavement and paint after a contractor last week completed a repaving project for the City of Jasper.

The $123,000.00 job was approved by the Jasper City Council in October with the contract going to Gulf Coast – Texas Materials Group, which has offices here in Jasper along with Beaumont and Houston.

Workers first ground-down the old deteriorated surfaces of Main, Lamar, and Austin Streets, and then laid down a new layer of asphalt.

The issue was brought up by Mayor Gary Gatlin earlier in 2019 after he observed that those streets had large cracks and holes. Gatlin, who is also an attorney and a former State District Judge, emphasized that the condition of those streets puts the City of Jasper at risk for civil litigation should a person suffer an injury.

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