U.S. Congressman Brian Babin, of Woodville, TX.

Congressman Brian Babin (R-Woodville) said Friday that he cast a NO vote on the Build Back Better Act. It passed the House of Representatives by a 220-213 margin, and now the approximately $2 trillion package heads to the Senate for their consideration.

In a statement on Friday, Babin wrote the following:

“The CBO reports confirmed what we already knew to be true: Biden’s Build Back Broke Act does not cost $0. Rather, it adds nearly $400 billion to the national deficit.

House Democrats have forced through the most radical and ill-conceived bill in history. Clearly, the Democrats want to destroy the America we love and replace it with something mirroring Communist China. From granting amnesty and benefits to millions of illegal aliens, to weakening our military, to weaponizing the IRS to spy on our bank accounts, to raising taxes on middle-class Americans by 30 percent, this monstrous, 2,145-page bill checks every socialist box on the Left’s agenda.

Our nation is facing crises on nearly every front, yet this bill solves none of them. In fact, it makes them all worse. Unfortunately, Biden and his Democrat Party value their extreme political agenda more than the safety and prosperity of Americans.

For the future of our country, I pray the Senate rejects this bill.”

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