The Deep East Texas College & Career Academy (DETCCA) in Jasper will soon begin training potential emergency medical technicians in a full-size ambulance simulator, and at least one ambulance company says they’ll pay for students who complete the EMT training to go through training to become a paramedic.

DETCCA representative Amy Haden explained what the “SimRig” does. Haden said “It’s true to size of an actual ambulance that you would see on the road, but it’s inside a classroom. It allows our students that are enrolled in the EMT program to practice those emergency skills in a safe situation, so they have the ability to go through the motions and learn all the ins-and-outs of an ambulance in a classroom setting”.

Haden mentioned students going through “the motions”, actually the ambulance simulator can do that. Haden said the box can move and jostle about just like a real ambulance in motion.

Designed, built, and sold by DiaMedical USA in North Carolina, Haden said the ambulance simulator was shipped in pieces and then assembled on site by employees of the company.

DETCCA serves a half-dozen school districts in this area, they are; Burkeville, Jasper, Kirbyville, Newton, Spurger, and Woodville. Haden says the high school students from those districts can begin EMT training even before they graduate. “Those students are all eligible to attend courses here on our campus, and in the afternoons we offer some of our programs to the general community. We really have a special interest in individuals who maybe have finished high school, but haven’t gone on to college or vocational training, sort of that 26 and under age group of young adults. We have a lot of programming and services available for them also”, said Haden.

Meanwhile, Haden said there are incentives available for young people to start a career in emergency medical services, first as an EMT, and eventually a paramedic. Haden said “The next career step would be to become a paramedic. We’ve been working with some of the local ambulance service providers in our area and one of them has even said once an individual completes the EMT training, they’re willing to pay for that person to go on and achieve their paramedic license, which is an associate’s degree in Texas”.

Haden also noted that DETCCA is the only facility in this region where you can receive EMT training in a full ambulance simulator.

For information on how you can enroll in the EMT course, or any other training offered by DETCCA, call them at 409-382-1020.

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