The Jasper Independent School District Board of Trustees met in special session on Monday evening and voted unanimously to implement a new raise for employees.

This is on top of a recent increase of the pay scale teachers, and all of it is paid for with state funds totaling $1.4 million, according to School Board President Mark Durand.

Here is how the raise will break down among the non-teaching employees:

Auxiliary staff - 5% raise

Clerical/para-professional staff - 5% raise

Administration - 3% raise 

Interim Superintendent Dr. Steve Hyden explained the raise; “We’ve adjusted the pay scale accordingly to what the state has provided funds for us to do and required us to do in terms of giving raises to teachers, particularly, and then expand that to other staff. They gave us additional funds so that we could address everyone and not just one group. And, so, we have done that in such a way so that all of our staff can realize how much the board and the community appreciates them, and how much we want them to be here and work in Jasper, Texas”.

Dr. Hyden went on to say that the increase will go into effect at the beginning of the school year, which is just days away.

Late last month the board voted to give teachers a raise. Director of Operations Jon Seybold said the raises range from $4,000.00 to approximately $7,000.00 for the most experienced educators. Seybold said that teachers with 30 years with the district will make $61,000.00 per year.

Seybold noted that the raise applies to new hires. He explained that before, a newly hired teacher would receive a base salary of $38,000.00 per year, and that has now been bumped up to $42,000.00 per year. According to Seybold, it's hoped that the increased salary will lure more teachers to the district, and also help to retain those who are already here.

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