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KJAS file photo of Christus Jasper Jasper Memorial Hospital.

The Board of Directors of the Jasper Hospital District are slated to meet on Tuesday and, according to an item on their agenda, they will address their contract with Christus.

According to the agenda item, the Jasper Hospital District's Planning Team is asking the board to approve a request for Christus “…to decline and immediately release the option to renew the lease contained in the lease agreement(s) with the Jasper Hospital District and the Jasper Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc. for the hospital and rural health clinics…”.

The agenda item goes on to say “…it is apparent from the status of the ongoing negotiations and the sudden unilateral closing of the Obstetric department by Christus that the best interests of the patrons of the Jasper Hospital District, and in particular the women and children of the District, are no longer best served by the continuation of the lease agreement(s) with Christus.”

The same item with the same wording also appears on the agenda for the Jasper Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors meeting, which begins at the conclusion of the Hospital District meeting.

The Board of Directors will meet in regular session at 6:30 Tuesday evening. Their meetings are held in the Jasper Welcome Center, which is located at 500 South Wheeler Street.

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