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The Jasper Senior Center on North Fletcher Street.

If all goes as planned, the Jasper County Committee on Aging will discontinue serving meals on September 27th. However, the Executive Director of the group, Mitch McMillon said Monday that the meals on wheels program would continue.

According to McMillon, the decision to discontinue serving the so called “congregate meals” at the centers was due to two factors, which he said included the redirecting of funds and the decline of those actually eating at the centers.

McMillon said the number of meals served at the centers each day had dropped to around 12 at Kirbyville, 25 at Jasper and 8-10 at Buna, while the number of people receiving meals at homes each day had been increasing, bringing the number to around 250.

Presently all of the meals are cooked at a kitchen at the center in Kirbyville and distributed to the centers in Buna and Jasper and to the homes of senior citizens throughout the county.

McMillon said that even though no meals would no longer be served at the centers, that the facilities would remain open each day to allow senior citizens a chance to meet and talk.

According to McMillon, “It will just be dollars better spent.”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The number of people eating meals at the centers was originally reported to be 29  at Kirbyvillle, 25 at Jasper and 10 at Buna. On Tuesday after talking to McMillon, we corrected the numbers and we apologize for the mistake. M. Lout