An officer from the Jasper Police Department escorts Doherty to a vehicle.

A Jasper used car dealer who was recently jailed is behind bars again. Officers returned to Big Country Auto Sales at the corner of Highway 190 and Bowie Street on Friday and served what is known as a “Blue Warrant” on Jassen Doherty, who was served with an indictment and arrested earlier this month.

The “Blue Warrant” is thought to be a challenge to 49 year old Doherty’s parole following his indictment, which charged him with some 14 counts of False Name/Forgery of a Registration.

Following his first arrest, bond on Doherty was set at $70,000 and within a short time, he was released from jail after making arrangements to post bail. However, this time, bond on Doherty has been denied and remains in the Jasper County Jail.

The original charges and indictment charging Doherty came following an investigation which was conducted by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle and the Jasper Police Department regarding the complaints that had been filed against the business in connection with motor vehicle titles and registration.