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The Jasper County Commissioners Court convened on Tuesday.

The Jasper County Commissioners Court convened on Tuesday morning and quickly moved through a long list of items to be discussed or voted on.

The court voted unanimously to extend the Covid-19 Declaration of Disaster until March 31st and also extend the related leave policy to June 30th due to the continued cases of the virus in the county. County Judge Mark Allen said he and others felt the measure was necessary to meet the continued threat.

One of the items discussed was the renewal of a contract to sell fuel at the Jasper County Bell Field Airport.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Roy Parker said he believed the present contracts and charges for services at the airport should be reviewed before moving forward with the renewal of any contract. Following considerable discussion, the court decided not to renew the present contract with the airport fuel provider, Bravo Aviation, for the present time, but to instead review all contracts to see if the firm was meeting the present provisions of it’s contract. A motion was passed to not only review the contract, but also explore the possibility of seeking new bidders on a future contract for providing fuel services.

County Judge Mark Allen appointed a committee consisting of Commissioners Parker and Seth Martindale, along with airport manager Gary Dougharty to research the options and report back to the court with their recommendations.

In other action, the court appointed Precinct 2 Commissioner Roy Parker to serve as it’s representative on the board of the Deep East Texas Council of Government. Parker will replace former County Commissioner Charles “Junior” Shofner, who did not seek re-election.

County Judge Mark Allen reminded everyone that Parker’s service would be short lived in that if all went as planned, Jasper County would soon be leaving DETCOG and joining another similar group.

In other action, the court re-appointed Jasper Economic Development Director Eddie Hopkins and local businessman Quincy Martindale to the board of the Deep East Texas Workforce Solutions. The vote was unanimous, with the exception of Commissioner Seth Martindale, who abstained from voting due to the fact that the action involved a member of his family.

The court also voted to reappoint all members to the various boards of the Emergency Services Districts throughout the County with the exception of District 4, where two replacements were made, naming John Jackson and Ashley Arsee to those entities.

On Tuesday, the commissioners also heard a report concerning the Jasper County Jail and the present policy of housing inmates for other neighboring counties. Chief Deputy Scotty Duncan said that in the month of December the county had received $16,600 from Newton County, $5,280 from Sabine County and $9,960 from Tyler County resulting in a total of $31,840 received from the entities.