Aviators from as far away as Atlanta, Georgia participated in the 8th Annual Ghost Run aircraft-racing event that was held over the weekend at the Jasper County Airport.

The event, which is sanctioned by the Sport Air Racing League was sponsored by Bravo Aviation, a company providing fuel and services at the airport.

Following a night of food and festivities, the aviators gathered at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon for a safety briefing, before jumping in the various aircraft and taking off.

Speed was the primary factor, but the racing was not head to head, but instead a timed event where the time each aircraft departed and returned was noted with the aviators passing over a predetermined course with checkpoints.

It was the eighth year that Bravo Aviation and others at the Jasper Airport sponsored and organized the event and everyone had fun and left with plans to return next year.

The aircraft that took the show and broke the records was a World War II, P-51 Mustang owned by James Bohannon Sr. of Waller, Texas that made the course at an average speed of 243 knots or 280 miles per hour.