The Texas University Interscholastic League, known commonly as the UIL, has released their classification realignments for 2020-2022. The changes have moved several of our regional schools down while only a few have moved up.

The UIL looks at enrollment numbers every two years to determine which classification a school should be in and places the school in a certain category in an effort to give all schools across the state a level playing field in athletic competition.

The schools in our immediate area; Jasper, Newton, Kirbyville, and Woodville will remain the same, while nearby West Sabine High School in Pineland reported smaller enrollment numbers, as did Warren in Tyler County and Deweyville in Newton County, which resulted in a move down in classification.

Schools moving down:

West Sabine – 2-A Div I to 2-A Div II

Warren – 3-A Div I to 3-A Div II

Deweyville – 2-A Div I to 2-A Div II

Bridge City – 4-A Div I to 4-A Div II

Vidor – 5-A Div II to 4-A Div I

Beaumont United – 6-A to 5-A Div I

Huntington – 4-A Div II to 3-A Div I

Carthage – A Div I to 4-A Div II

Schools moving up:

Lumberton – 4-A Div I to 5-A Div II

Orangefield – 3-A Div I to 4-A Div II

West Hardin – 2-A Div II to 2-A Div II

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