Jasper County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Scotty Duncan said Wednesday that a local woman has been taken for thousands of dollars by a telephone scammer. Duncan didn’t reveal her identity, other than saying that she is an older lady who lives between Kirbyville and Buna.

According to Duncan, the scammer claimed to be with law enforcement and told the woman that she had a warrant for her arrest and had to pay a large fine in order to not be arrested and jailed. Unfortunately, the woman fell for it and sent the scammer the money.

Duncan said that telephone scammers are becoming more proficient at their evil craft. He said, for example, if they claim to be with law enforcement, they’ll have sound effects in the background to make it sound like a dispatch office. Duncan said they’ve also been known to look up the names of local police officers and then they’ll identify themselves with those names when they call you.

Law enforcement officers say if you receive one of these calls, do not tell the person any information about yourself and do not send them money. If you want to find out if you have a warrant for your arrest, you can go in person to your local law enforcement agency and they will inform you if you do.

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