We’ve learned more details about the weekend arrest of Sabine County murder suspect Matthew Hoy Edgar. The 24-year-old Hemphill man is currently under Grand Jury indictment on a murder charge, accused of shooting and killing 19-year-old Livye Lewis on October 31st, 2020.

Edgar was released from the Sabine County Jail on a $50,000.00 bond a few weeks ago, but he was arrested again over the weekend on new charges of assaulting a woman and also criminal mischief, both of which are felony level charges.

We’ve learned that the Sabine County Grand Jury recently indicted Edgar on the new charges, and according to the indictments the crimes occurred on the same day that Livye Lewis suffered fatal rifle shots through her upper body.

The alleged victim in the new indictments is listed as Montana Bockel, a resident of Pineland.

According to the indictment, Bockel had been in a dating relationship with Edgar and he is accused of choking her neck and also kicking and damaging the doors of her vehicle.

Following his arrest over the weekend, Daily News & More in Hemphill is reporting that Edgar remains in the Sabine County Jail without bond on the latest charges.

There had been controversy recently after State District Judge Craig Mixson presided over a bond hearing for Edgar and granted him a $50,000.00 bond, resulting in his release on that bond the same day. This happened despite objection from District Attorney Kevin Dutton.

In a written statement, Dutton said that although he strongly disagreed with bond being granted for Edgar, he understood that Judge Mixson was well within the law to do so.

However, the judge’s decision and subsequent release of Edgar on bond sparked outrage among local citizens and the following day they gathered on the Courthouse Square in downtown Hemphill to protest – a rare outward show of emotion for the normally very docile residents of Sabine County.

Matthew Hoy Edgar has been very well known to local law enforcement for several years. You may remember in December of 2014 KJAS News reported on three different law enforcement high-speed pursuits of Edgar on the same day. The last one ended with both Edgar and Hemphill Police Officer Pete Davis crashing.

Officer Davis suffered a broken leg and had to undergo surgery, while Edgar had back injuries.

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