Many people say “something needs to be done”, while very few people actually do something. Norris Dunn is one of those few people.

A few weeks ago when the Jasper County Committee on Aging (JCCOA) Director Mitch McMillon announced that the organization would be discontinuing their federally funded congregate meals program due to a decrease in funding, Dunn, a senior citizen who lives in Buna, went to work.

Dunn organized a petition drive in an effort to let the JCCOA Board know that citizens want the program to continue, and he circulated petitions those petitions throughout homes, businesses, and schools in the Buna area. Dunn even stood outside in the summer heat at the Brookshire Brothers store in Buna for an entire day gathering signatures.

When all was said and done, Dunn had collected a total of 465 signatures and he handed them in during the JCCOA’s monthly board meeting on Wednesday.

As Mr. Dunn was gathering signatures, he told KJAS News that he and other senior citizens enjoy not only the meals, but also just to have a place to gather. Dunn said “I go up there three or four times a week. The food is great. There’s a lot of older people there and that’s the only time they get out of the house all week long, and they get a nourishing meal”.

While others talked the talk, Mr. Norris Dunn walked the walk.

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