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Jason Ferguson

Tyler County District Attorney Lucas Babin has announced that a habitual drug offender has been sentenced to 10 years in state prison by State District Judge Earl Stover. However, Babin said the defendant had been allowed to slide far too many times for far too long.

According to Babin, Jason Ferguson had been arrested more than twenty times over the last ten years for drug offenses and related crimes, and yet he had never once been convicted in any of the cases, several of which were never prosecuted, while others resulted in un-adjudicated probation, meaning no conviction.

According to Babin, law enforcement officers had told him that they were aware that Ferguson had been manufacturing and selling methamphetamine for a long time, and they were frustrated because despite their arrests and cases, Ferguson was not being prosecuted.

Babin said "When I started as DA in January 2019, we had numerous felonies pending against this defendant. After reviewing the evidence, it was clear he was a significant meth dealer in Tyler County".

According to Babin, Ferguson was apparently wide open with his drug dealing, noting that Ferguson was in dozens of Facebook messages which showed him selling large quantities of meth to numerous customers in Tyler County. Babin said other Facebook photos “showed 1-gallon Ziplock bags full of meth on Ferguson's kitchen table, and sworn witness statements and Facebook messages which showed trafficking of stolen property”.

Babin concluded by stating “Regarding this defendant, it was a longtime coming, but last week justice was finally served for the people of Tyler County".


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