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Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick has announced that he has extended a previous order for business employees and customers to wear medical masks. The order, which is countywide, was tentatively set to expire on Tuesday, June 30th, but is now extended one more week through Tuesday, July 7th.

Judge Branick said on Monday “The COVID-19 positive testing numbers from the weekend were alarming, and we need to work together to keep Jefferson County safe.”

Statewide, on Friday Governor Greg Abbott ordered restaurants to drop their patronage from 75% to 50% of capacity as of Monday.

Also, effective at 12:00 noon Friday Abbott closed all bars and other businesses that received more than half of their revenue through the sale of alcoholic beverages. In previous weeks, Abbott had allowed bars to be open, but he had ordered that people in bars had to sit down and not stand up.

Also on Friday, Abbott ordered that outdoor gatherings of 100 or more people must be approved by local government.

Abbott also ordered on Friday that inner-tube and raft businesses must close.

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