Scott Haynes, Jr. Austin Moss (680).jpg

LEFT - Scott Haynes, Jr.

RIGHT - Austin Moss

A jury in Clarksville, Tennessee has convicted a man on charges of Pre-Meditated Murder and Reckless Endangerment with a Deadly Weapon after he shot and killed a Sabine County man who would have soon been his brother-in-law.

The killing, family members and prosecutors said, came about after a dog urinated in the now convicted murderer’s house.

Scott Haynes, Jr, who at the time was a 25-year-old Army Sergeant stationed at Fort Campbell, shot and killed Austin Moss, 24, on November 20th, 2020.

The witnesses said that after the incident with the dog in the house, Haynes was going to harm the dog, but Moss stepped in and was shot and killed while trying to protect the dog from Haynes.

Moss was survived by his wife and their young child.

The sentencing of Haynes will not be handed down until September.