A national organization with a goal to ensure that every child in America has a bed to sleep in has a chapter right here in Deep East Texas, and over the weekend the group demonstrated their ability to turn lumber into slumber.

Known as “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”, the group is headed up locally by Brian Smith, who serves as Co-Chapter President of the Woodville Chapter. On Saturday, the organization set up shop at the Jasper Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and built a set of bunk-beds.

Smith recently spoke to KJAS and he shared with us that there are thousands of children across the country who do not have a bed to sleep in, and instead are sleeping on couches, or mattresses on the floor, in their parents’ bed, or the worst case scenario of sleeping directly on the floor.

According to Smith each bed is built from scratch, designed for sturdiness, and intended to last a lifetime.

A total of forty-two volunteers built twenty beds on Saturday, and then delivery teams delivered a dozen beds in the area, seven of which went to children in Jasper.

The non-profit organization operates with volunteers and donations. If you’re interested in volunteering or donating, contact Brian or Deborah Smith at 844-432-2337, extension 5757. The local chapter’s website is www.shpbeds.org/chatper/tx-woodville