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Melvin Henson of the Milam Community captured this shot of a little red fox scampering to a hiding place along the shore of Toledo Bend.

Melvin Henson, a resident of the Milam Community on a cove at Toledo Bend Reservoir snapped a photo of a red fox as it scampered along the bank next to the lake. Melvin said the shy little creature was looking for a good hiding place as it darted underneath a wooden pier.

Melvin is a great wildlife photographer and he has captured beautiful photos of various animals at the lake, including a Bald Eagle.

Meanwhile, you might be surprised to learn that fox are not native to Texas, and they have only been in Deep East Texas for about 61 years.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, fox were first introduced to Central Texas in the late 1800’s for hunting purposes. In 1959, 38 red foxes were trapped in Central Texas and transplanted to Deep East Texas, and our current population of fox here came from that original group of 38.

Texas Parks & Wildlife says “the red fox is a member of the dog family (canid), but it still displays quite a few catlike (feline) characteristics”.

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