The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be providing assistance to the Texas Department of Public Safety in the investigation of Alfred Wright's disappearance and death. DPS became the lead investigators in the case Tuesday at the request of Sabine County Sheriff Thomas Maddox.

"The Texas Rangers will continue to utilize their expertise and resources as this investigation continues, and they will also be utilizing the expertise of the FBI as needed. The Wright family and the community can be assured that the Texas Rangers are committed to upholding the integrity of this investigation, and the resources of multiple law enforcement agencies are being utilized to determine the facts surrounding this case as soon as possible," DPS Regional Commander Phillip Steen said in a press release Friday.

Wright's family reported him missing Nov. 7th in Hemphill. Relatives said his truck broke down and witnesses saw him running from a packaging store towards town, the last time anyone saw Wright alive.

The Sabine County Sheriff's Office began a large search and discovered pieces of Wright's clothing, but ended it after a few days. Family and friends continuing the search found Wright's body Nov. 25th.

Attorneys representing Wright's family have raised questions about the Sabine County Sheriff's Office's investigation.

"To call the Sabine County Sheriff's department an investigation is an insult at very best, it's grossly negligent," attorney Ryan McLeod during a press conference in Beaumont Dec. 14th. The attorneys at Bernsen Law Firm said they wanted further investigation into Wright's disappearance and death.

Both a preliminary autopsy and a second autopsy conducted on behalf of Wright's family couldn't determine a cause of death.

The initial autopsy showed Wright had a number of shallow puncture

wounds with no signs of severe trauma. The forensic pathologist

conducting the second autopsy said her examination was limited, but that

she saw signs of homicidal violence.

DPS asks that anyone with information about Wright's disappearance and death should call the Texas Rangers Office at 936-435-0152 or the DPS 24-hour Houston Communications Office at 281-517-1300.