Local law enforcement is warning of the latest scam, and this time they targeted a family member of a police captain.

According to Mike Poindexter of the Jasper Police Department, a scammer called his father in Sabine County and identified himself as being with Direct TV, a satellite television provider. However, Poindexter said the longer his father talked to them, the more their pitch didn’t make sense.

Poindexter said the scammer told his father that Direct TV was doing an upgrade in this area and it would cost him $150.00 that he had to pay, or, they would turn his satellite service off.

Poindexter said his dad did the right thing and hung up on them and then called him.

According to Poindexter, he called Direct TV himself and they confirmed that it was, indeed, a scam.

Poindexter said he’s urging anyone who receives a call like this, or from anyone claiming to be from some type of business, utility, or service provider to make sure that you are speaking to a person that is legitimately with the entity that they claim to be.

Furthermore, Poindexter said if there is any doubt in your mind, hang up on them and then call the entity direct with the phone number that appears on your bill or paperwork, that way you know that you are speaking to that entity.

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