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Central Baptist Church

A Buna church deacon was killed in a tragic accident on Saturday. A very reliable source told KJAS News that David Moore was reportedly performing work on the roof of Central Baptist Church on Highway 96 when he fell off.

However, Jasper County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Karli Cherry says it was her understanding that Moore was in the attic and fell to the floor. She pointed out that the circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation.

Fellow church members took to social media after the tragedy to share their grief, as well as fond memories of Moore.

Steve Bean said of Moore, “…a servant of God and the church, a friend and a brother.”

Daniel Begnaud described Moore as always working at his church. Begnaud wrote “I trust that He is with Jesus, likely looking for anything he can patch up or repair in Heaven.” Begnaud also wrote “David Moore was a fixture on nearly every mission trip I have been on. David was like a Swiss Army knife.”

There’s no word yet on funeral arrangements.