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We now have Tropical Depression 19 as of Friday afternoon. What does that mean for us? Meteorologist Roger Erickson with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles released the following statement on Friday afternoon about the potential named storm:

"Tropical Depression 19 has formed in the Bahamas. It is forecast to move over south Florida tonight, and move into the eastern Gulf of Mexico this weekend. It is forecast to strengthen into a tropical storm.

Because it is early, and no distinct center has formed, we have low confidence on the forecast track and intensity.

We are expecting one to five inches of rain from this system, mainly in the Tuesday through Thursday time frame next week. If this system moves further to the west, our rain forecast will need to be adjusted higher.

Areas from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle are at risk from this system and need to follow forecasts through the weekend. Landfall should occur next week in the Tuesday or Wednesday time frame."

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