The automatic teller machine at the Sabine State Bank in Burkeville has been hit again. Officers were called to the location early Sunday morning when an alarm sounded.

For the second time in six days, Newton County deputies are investigating another attempted burglary of the ATM at Sabine State Bank in Burkeville.

Sheriff Robert Burby says his deputies responded to the bank on Highway 63 shortly after 5:00 Sunday morning on a report of an alarm at the ATM. Burby said deputies arrived a short time later to find that the ATM doors were standing open.

Burby said about a quarter-mile east of the bank on Highway 63, deputies found on the side of the road an abandoned 2006 Ford pickup truck that was still running, and it was listed as stolen out of Houston.

Burby said the ATM was still out of order and contained no cash following the damage it sustained in the last case, which occurred on the morning of Monday, April 26th.

In that case one man was taken into custody and another man is still at-large after stealing a pickup truck from an area residence.

Ironically, Sheriff Burby said Monday that he does not believe the two burglaries are connected in any form or fashion. He said all evidence so far would lead he and others to believe that the latest burglary attempt was committed by someone from the Houston Area.

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