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A pair of suspects are now named in arrest warrants following a recent burglary and damage at a blueberry farm, according to Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Scotty Duncan. The crime occurred last week on County Road 317 in the Beulah Springs Community, and it raised the ire of Sheriff Mitchel Newman who had some terse words for those responsible.

Newman said that the crime resulted in thousands of dollars in stolen items and damage.

Newman said “It’s bad enough that these people won’t get an honest job to support their family, but then they choose to steal the livelihood of others who are trying to be productive members of society and cost the business owner thousands of dollars”.

Newman went on to say “The money they got for the metal is not a drop in the bucket to what it cost that business man; but thieves don’t care, they are just looking for a free ride. When we catch this fellow, he’ll get to ‘ride’ with us for a while”.


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