State Representative James White served as guest speaker on Wednesday morning for the ground breaking at a new facility which local civic leaders hope will be a ray of sunshine for homeless veterans.

Formed last year, the members of the Southeast Texas Homeless Coalition hope to provide shelter for those who have served their country, but somehow have ended up with no place to live.

The groundbreaking was held at what will be known as “Veterans Village” adjacent to the Pecan Grove unit of the Kirbyville Housing Authority on Vallie Avenue.

The village, which if as goes as planned, will consist of some twenty or more small one bedroom homes, on roughly 5.5 acres and a half acres of land that was donated by the Kirbyville Housing Authority.

In his address Representative White not only praised what the group has done but what the group had done so far but what it was about to do in the near future by “Caring for those that need to be cared for.”

White, who is a veteran himself a longtime advocate of veterans, said “It’s not a about a tiny house, it’s about the whole plan”, as he spoke about taking care of veterans and remembering their service.

White said “You can’t value freedom if you don’t stand for those that have stood up for you.”

The ceremony was held inside the community center of the Pecan Grove Housing Facility.

On hand and grabbing a shovel to participate in the ceremony was White, along with Jasper County Judge Mark Allen, Kirbyville Mayor Frank George and members of the STHC board, which includes Bryan Landers, Vince Ann Taylor, Debbie Aud, Father Ron Foshage, Laura Dunlap and Wes Bell, who serves as the Executive Director.