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Bobby Biscamp

*KJAS News allows a political candidate for local office the opportunity to make a political statement. The following is that of Bobby Biscamp, incumbent candidate seeking re-election as Jasper County Tax Assessor-Collector:

To the voters of Jasper County I’m Bobby Biscamp I’ve been your Tax Assessor/Collector going on sixteen years, today I’m announcing that I am seeking one more term before I retire. As your tax collector my staff and I have operated your office with honesty and integrity knowing that you the tax payer is the is the most important person to this office.

I made mention of my staff because it’s those people who determine if an office operates in the best interest of the tax payers as everyone knows the tax office has a great staff which I’m blessed to have.

When I came in office in 2005 we only received payments by cash or check we now accept credit and debit cards , payments can also be made on online. If you remember your school taxes was paid at the appraisal district I was able to consolidate all your taxes to the tax office now you only have to write one check at one place.

So if you the voters will allow me another term my staff and I will continue to work hard to improve this office to benefit you the taxpayer , who is the most important person to this office. Thanks and I would love to have your vote.